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About Our Classes

Mom and Me Music classes are instructor-led, early childhood music classes in which one parent (yes, dads are welcome too!) and a child sit together in a circle while the instructor will lead the class in music and movement exercises that not only teach children the fundamentals of music, but the classes also help teach parents how to teach their children.  Young age classes like Family MusicCycle of Seasons, and Music Makers:  Siblings, are designed for parents to participate in the class. You are an intregral part of the education experience.   Our classes are designed for children to grow up in a musical environment starting at a young age.  As children grown older they will graduate into private and group lessons in which the parent is not actively participating, but we still encourage parents to engage their children in music exercises such as listening to the provided music CDs, echo games, notation games, and similar activities.

Class Size

Experience has taught us smaller classes and a more confined space helps preschool children focus and learn, therefore we limit our classes to 8 adults and 8 children.  Our multi-child class (Music Makers:  Siblings) can have up to two children per parent.

Course Length

A typical course lasts 15 weeks and meets once per week for 40 minutes each week.

More Then One Child

Our Music Makers:  Siblings class accommodates two children per parent and with a full pre-school age range from 18 months to 5 years.  Parents with only one child can still join Music Makers class if that time works better for you.

Make-Up Lessons

If you miss a weekly lessons you are welcome to join any of our other scheduled classes that week.

Pre-school and early childhood music education classes.

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